The city of Turkey disappeared, Just after 9 minit rain

It is evident that the newspaper is a great power in the country because it can deeply influence public opinion. The editors of newspapers have therefore a heavy responsibility. The newspaper becomes a power for evil if it distorts truth, presents only the dark. Newspapers are good means of advertisement.  They help the business. There are news about the manufactured articles, quotations of prices and rates of commodities. We get all types of information from them- social, political, commercial and educational. There is one magazine section in them. In this section there is the list of the latest books. This section is very useful for the students. they get the books of their choice. Business concerns give  their advertisements. There are advertisements of medicines. The sick people may buy medicines for their use.
There are matrimonial in the newspapers. These news help people to solve the problem of finding the  suitable matches people select matches of their choice by personal contact.