Bolvana paisa nthi Rakesh barot new video song

Bliss is the common word commonly used. Even young children can tell the meaning of happiness. But do not really explain many of us really to understand how to be truly happy and how to reach that situation? It's too much! Many are looking for outside excitement. They believe that if they have some things or if there are some people or at the top of the experts they will be happy. They played from their childhood. Although all the things mentioned are necessary to live well, they can not bring happiness.
Happiness is something you can put alone. If you decide to be happy, you will find happiness. However, it's not as easy as it seems. You should work hard to work. Secondly, this is not a one-time work. You have to do a few things every day for the benefit of this situation.
Now, when you have to search for inner happiness sometimes, you need help from the family and your friends. Many of these days have a problem with depression because they chose not to deal with their problems and to relate to others. This is wrong! It's important to look inside to find true happiness but it's important around the right people.

Producer Sanjay Patel Music
Label:Shri Ram Audio And Telcfilms